Masterplan Marketing Heading to Ensenada for R&R Retreat

Joakim Nordin, Owner of Masterplan Marketing, will be taking company leaders and top producers to Ensenada, Mexico, for a relaxing weekend retreat. He discusses the trip, and what it took for team members to qualify.

Ensenada is a coastal city in Mexico about 80 miles south of San Diego, and is a popular resort destination. In September, Joakim and hand-selected members of Team Masterplan Marketing will be heading that way to meet up with colleagues and industry leaders from across the world to share best practices, exchange contact information, and reset before the fall season and winter holidays demand all their attention.

Joakim and his people have worked for the last twelve months to qualify for this event. Metrics based on performance, teamwork, and overall attitude were designed, and only those who consistently met or exceeded these standards received an invitation. It will be a memorable occasion, not only due to the pampering and tropical locale, but because of the global connections and friendships that will be made.

How to Qualify for a Masterplan Marketing Weekend Retreat

While the specific details of qualifying for a trip will vary from event to event, Joakim notices some consistent behaviors in the leaders and high achievers that make the cut. For instance, they always embody one of the most important Masterplan Marketing values: accountability. Those who frequently earn special trips always look for ways to mentor and support their colleagues, and invite feedback from others as well.

Another trait that Joakim always sees in his frontrunners is integrity. They lead by example, modeling the behaviors and best practices that everyone at Masterplan Marketing will benefit from embracing. Being in the spotlight doesn’t intimidate them, because they are always focused on doing the right thing.

Perhaps most importantly though, Joakim notes that those who consistently achieve remarkable goals always have a great attitude, with lots of positive energy. Not only are they self-motivated, but their mere presence in the office acts as a catalyst, inspiring others to strive for bigger goals as well. Setbacks are simply setups for a comeback, as far as these winners are concerned.

These traits describe the experts Joakim will be taking to Ensenada with him as well as the caliber of professionals with whom they’ll be spending their time. Joakim’s only regret is that more of his crew won’t be joining him this year – but he’s already laying the groundwork to help even more members of Team Masterplan Marketing qualify for this prestigious event in 2020.

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